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Harumi Miyatsuka Saegusa

Harumi Miyatsuka Saegusa
Born in Tokyo Japan

Education & Teaching Experience:
Graduated from Musasino Art University, Tokyo, Japan (Oil Painting)
Assistant Professor,Oil Painting, Musasino Art University (4 years)
1980-present  Teacher, Art Classes
1984-1986 Sculpture Workshop, Palos Verdes Art Center, Los Angeles CA, USA
International Association of Art (UNESCO)
Solo Exhibitions:
1987-1997 Gallery Sakamoto, Tokyo
1998 Gallery Kikumura, Tokyo
1998~2008 Gallery GALA,& Setagaya Gallery,Tokyo
2010 Gallery SUDO, Odawara, Japan
2014 Gallery MUUSAI, Tokyo
2014 Gallery SOLA,Tottori, Japan
2014 Gallery Gendai HEIGHTS DEN, Tokyo
Group Exhibition:
1983 Japan Gallery Association,Gallery Central Tokyo
2002 Compagno,Bankokubashi Gallery,Yokohama Japan
2004~2012 Compagno,Yokohama Civic Gallery, Japan
2005~2007 No War Exhibition,Kanagawa Prefectual Gallery
2009 Bomarzo, Italy
2009 Yamawaki Gallery, Tokyo
2009~2014 CiaF/C.F (Shanhai China, Korea, Uzbekistan, Tashkent)
2011 Medana Art Slovenia Symposium and residency
2011 Gallery SUDO, Odawara,Japan
2011 No War Museum Modern Art of Saitama
2012 Gallery SUDO, Odawara, Japan
2012 Art Fair Santafe (SUDO) USA
2012 Inter National Oil Painting Camp,Zhangiajie,China
2013 Gallery SUDO, Odawara, Japan
2014 Odawara Art Hotel /SUDO,Japan
Volunteer work
2011 Workshop for town with SUDO Gallery, Odawara, Japan
2011 Workshop for elementary school with ARIO,Odawara,Japan
2012~2014 Workshop for the disaster area in Iwate pref. Japan /SUDO

Pursuing Eternal Rainbows
I try to capture, crop out, and express phenomenon in daily life that may be overlooked. The wonders of nature; be it the whispering sound of leaves or the soft wind that brushes against my cheeks, I try to visualize all five senses that I experience through each breathtaking moment. Just when I was getting used to seeing rainbows all the time in Hawaii, one day I saw a completely circular one that was glowing far beneath me as I stared down from a high-rise building. Sometimes the visualization process of my work may be as excitingly challenging as trying to recreate the entire floating-over-the-rainbow experience during that very brief dramatic encounter. The fleeting rainbow may only last for a very short time, but it powerfully leaves behind an everlasting internal image that may mysteriously affect me for the rest of my life.

Evropska unija

Projekt je pripravljen s finančno pomočjo Evropske unije v okviru programa Phare CBC Slovenija/Italija 2003